Om602 power upgrades

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om602 power upgrades

Brake Rotors - Drilled. Brake Rotors - Slotted. Connecting Pipes. Exhaust Valve Controllers. Header Back. Skid Plates.In the Diesel world, performance add-ons have grown in popularity as the engines have become more sought after. Over the past decade, truck owners have realized that in order to get more work done the engine must produce lots of torque.

Not only does the engine have to produce more torque, but it also must be able to get reasonable fuel mileage. One reason that people steered away from Diesel engines was because of the noise. Now these engines are very quiet. But, for Diesel applications it has to be reliable and still maintain some level of respectable fuel efficiency.

Even if your vehicle is a daily driver, there are still plenty of performance upgrades for the 7. In order to tune a Diesel, you really have to use a chassis dyno.

Gary Stecher of Stecher Performance blasts a pass down the dragstrip with his 7.

Serious 7.3L Power Stroke Upgrades

This truck is capable of running 11 seconds in the quarter-mile. When it comes to chasing more power I recommend sticking with the basics. When looking into performance upgrades for Diesel engines, you will find plenty of cold air kits and exhaust systems. Those who take it a step further may install some carefully-chosen gauges on their pillar post. This is a perfect place to start! The cold-air kit is one of the best basic upgrades available. The colder the air, the denser the air becomes.

The denser the air becomes, the more air can enter the engine. The more air that enters the engine, the more power the engine can produce. The fact is that stock airboxes are engineered to minimize noise more than to feed free-flowing air to the engine. It may also be made of better quality materials than the stock part s it replaces.

The factory tries to cut costs wherever it can, and this is a good example. Installation was very easy and neat and also yielded 11 hp more at the rear wheels. Auto Meter offers a complete line of gauges along with a convienent way of mounting known as a pillar pod. The pillar pod covers and mounts to the existing pillar trim. There are several benefits of the gauze element.

First, the gauze element can flow more air than the conventional paper element, so the engine is able to take in more air with the same amount of filter media. Second, the gauze element never wears out so it can be used over and over. When the filter is ready for cleaning, simply remove it from the vehicle and soak the element with the cleaning solution.

Allow the element to air dry, spray an oiling solution into the gauze, and place the element back into the vehicle to be reused again. This ensures proper cleaning and oiling of the filter. Third, the gauze element can trap smaller particles than the traditional paper element.

When should you clean an air filter? The truck yielded a The easiest way to remove it is to cut the pipe below the turn, past the turbo flange.Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Diesel Power Magazine how to.

Serious 7. Our recent series of 7. Head studs were installed to keep our head gaskets safe, the up-pipes were replaced to rule out exhaust leaks, custom tuning was required to efficiently fire the hybrid injectors, and a fortified E4OD was bolted in and given the task of harnessing the newfound power.

This effectively increases the bore of the injector. The retention of the stock 16mm-diameter intensifier piston allows the hybrid to use less oil to actuate than a BD-code injector, and in this particular configuration it has almost the same capacity as a BD-code injector.

Its nozzles retain the stock seven-hole design, but each hole on its percent nozzles measures 0.

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From there, its nozzles are Extrude-Honed for a perfect orifice surface finish the percent nozzles undergo slightly more Extrude-Hone work. Four injectors are tested at a time. All injectors are balanced across the board during the flow test, and every unit flows within 2 to 3 cc of each other before being shipped.

Power Tank Upgrades

Position: Setting: Details: 1 Heavy Tow Stock-like power, but with more horsepower than stock—without exceeding stock EGT limits 2 High Idle 1,rpm idle for cold-weather warm up 3 Stealth Mode Reduced engine noise for the drive-thru window 4 Economy Lower shift points than performance or tow tunes, 50 hp more than Heavy Tow tune 5 Street Fury Hot street performance with very little visible smoke 6 All Out Complete performance tune, but with great driveability and low smoke; also detuned slightly to keep boost less than 40 psi and drive pressure reasonable to extend turbo life.

Stage 1 Flow Characteristics We will note that comparing a Stage 1 injector to a Stage 3 hybrid injector is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

However, in order to explain the benefits of the hybrid versus the Stage 1 and Stage 2 for that matterwe are comparing them directly in terms of fuel per time. Both injector flowcharts display how many cc of fuel are delivered given a certain engine speed, pulse width how long the injector is openand injection control pressure ICP. Making power with any diesel engine is dependent on fuel per time also referred to as injection rate, or cc per millisecond.

The faster the injection rate is, the more fuel gets delivered in the usable injection window. With a stock 7. Because our Stage 1 injector utilized stock nozzles, its injection rate was slower.These products are popular suspension and steering options for your Powerstroke. However, to see all of the available options, please select your vehicle application from the top menu and navigate to Search Cart 0. Home Miscellaneous Powerstroke Suspension Upgrades. Powerstroke Suspension Upgrades.

Hide Filters Hide Filters. Carli 2. Fox 2. Description FAQ's. However, to see all of the available options, please select your vehicle application from the top menu and navigate to the appropriate category. Furthermore, did you know that for those looking to lift or level their truck, you can actually drastically improve the ride when doing this, instead of making it worse as many aftermarket lift kits tend to do?

om602 power upgrades

Well, its all true. Before we dive into all of this, lets cover some of the basics and how the steering and suspension have evolved over the years on the different eras of F-Series pickups this discussion is specifically revolving around four wheel drive models.

The Powerstroke powered Ford was first introduced with the model year and remained untilcommonly referred to as an "OBS," short for "Old Body Style. If you've ever driven an OBS, especially with the original leaf springs that are most likely fatigued and flattened out due to wear and tear, you may have needed a back brace immediately following as you would have felt any crack in the road all the way to your teeth.

The next iteration of F and F's saw the highly anticipated release of the SuperDuty in This new body style, coupled with a revised 7. For the models, Ford opted to continue use of front and rear leaf springs, and some other similarities to the OBS models, but everything was essentially "beefed up" for lack of a better term to support the larger truck and higher payload and towing capabilities.

The models saw a big change in an effort to improve the overall ride. Here, we saw the advent of front coil springs. Overall, coil springs have better capability to react proportionately to changes in the driving surface, absorbing small bumps and dips instead of transferring all of the movement to the chassis. The switch over to coils from leaf springs also required the addition of front radius arms and a track bar to secure the axle squarely under the frame. Radius arms are responsible for keeping the front axle in place front to back, as well as maintaining a relatively vertically linear motion of the axle to avoid changes in caster as the axle moves up and down.

Due to triangulation and the natural "swing" movement, this is a difficult task, especially as leveling and lift kits are installed that do not adjust for this change. Think of it this way, as your frame moves upward, it increases the downward angle of the radius arms.

This angle also changes the pitch of the front axle, which also effects the coil springs' seat and their tendency to bow as the axle swings. In order to alleviate these issues when lifting, drop brackets at the frame and caster shims at the axle are vital depending on the amount of lift.

In many cases, replacement aftermarket radius arms, or the conversion to separate upper and lower control arms, will properly align the axle as well as deliver heightened articulation capabilities.

With the release of the models and the update to the 6.

1984 to 1995 601 602 603 Diesel Performance Enhancement

One of the most noticeable updates were to the rear leaf springs. Ford opted for a longer leaf spring, featuring a broader span between the hangers. This results in more available wheel travel, again, delivering a better ride. Many owners of model years will even relocate their front spring hanger and swap springs with that of a model year to gain the same benefit. Beyond the leaf springs, another notable upgrade was done to the steering gear box.

Pre models were proving to not be able to support long term, heavy use, thus Ford sought out an upgrade to complement the new body style that proved to be effective. Along with the push for more power, which Ford easily combated with this new powertrain, the push for higher tow capacities puts additional stress on the suspension, meaning more upgrades were required.

As an example, while Ford kept the Further, because larger wheel and tire packages were rolled out from the factory, including a 20" wheel coupled with a tire that is Sign In. Password forgotten? Click here. Made in Italy, Firad is a world-leader in aftermarket nozzle manufacturing, offering both OE replacement and power upgrade options. Sold Individually. Is it: Actually In Stock? Many online stores do not stock parts and advertise products that they do not actually have.

The Same Brand? Lesser expensive brands may be lower quality.

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The Same Contents? Kits sold by some stores are often missing crucial components. If you find an in-stock product made by the same manufacturer, or a kit with the same contents, at a lower price, we'd like to hear from you.

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om602 power upgrades

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Email Us sales idparts.The successor of the OM engine family was the newly developed straight-5 diesel automobile engine OM from Mercedes-Benz used from s up to The Mercedes OM engine is a 5-cylinder diesel engine of 2. The 2.

It was available in either naturally aspirated or turbocharged variants with two valves per cylinder. The camshafts and injection pump are driven by duplex chain from the crankshaft. A separate single-row chain drives the oil pump.

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The camshaft operated the valves via hydraulic bucket tappets ; valve clearance adjustment is automatic. On many OM engines fuel injection is indirect. A Bosch PES in-line injection pump is used, with a mechanical governor and vacuum-operated stop control. The pump is lubricated by a connection to the engine oil circulation and the fuel lift pump is mounted on the side of the injection pump.

Some later versions of the 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Categories : Mercedes-Benz engines Diesel engines by model Inline-five engines. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from August All articles lacking sources. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Dansk Italiano Suomi Edit links.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Indirect injection Direct injection. W 2. W D 2. G-Class GD turbodiesel 4x4. W E turbodiesel.Trade Alerts are FREE updates on topics such as trending hot products, buying requests and supplier information - sent directly to your email inbox!

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om602 power upgrades

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